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RaboDirect Rebels

The RaboDirect Rebels partnership

RaboDirect are involved in game days, membership offers, Rebels promotions and much more.

RaboDirect once again extended its support in 2015 to the wider Victorian Rugby community with the continuation of Conversions for Community, a grassroots program dedicated to enabling the Victorian Rugby community to recognise and reward those outstanding individuals who tirelessly work for the betterment of Rugby in Victoria.

Our Partnership & Values

When RaboDirect decided to partner with the Melbourne Rebels we knew we had found a club with very similar values to ours, where participating in the community would be genuinely part of the core and not just an add-on, and where winning off the pitch was just as important as victories on it.

Establishing a Super Rugby team in a sport mad state is a brave challenge. Taking on the major banks in their own back yard is our challenge at RaboDirect. Standing for something different, challenging the status quo is exactly what the Rebels and RaboDirect do - we're perfect partners.

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