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Just a heads up, registration on our Mobile App is currently unavailable, and we’re working on fixing it as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can still log onto your online banking using your customer number and digipass. Alternatively, If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Sydney-based team on 1800 445 445, 8am-7pm Sydney time, Monday to Friday.

SMSF Savings

Our range of savings accounts and term deposits are available to established SMSFs giving you flexibility and competitive rates. They also come with peace of mind knowing that your deposits are used to fund our local farmers who put food on our plates and clothes on our back. Want to know more?

High Interest Savings Account

High Interest Savings AccountUp to
2.70% p.a.^

Gets you the most out of every dollar you save without changing your everyday bank.

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PremiumSaverUp to
2.15% p.a.*

Gives you a higher rate of interest just for increasing your balance by at least $200 each month*.

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Notice Saver

Notice Saver90 Day Notice Saver up to
2.40% p.a.

Ideal when you don't need instant access to your savings and want to stay focused on your goals.

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Term Deposits

Notice Saver5 year term up to
3.20% p.a.

Gives you a guaranteed return on your savings and you can start from as little as $1,000.

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^Current 4 month introductory variable rate for new SMSF customers on deposits up to $250,000. Rate subject to change.
*Maximum rates apply when your closing balance on the last day of the month is at least $200 higher than it was at the beginning of the first day of the month (excluding interest earned).
Grow your SMSF cash today with our 4 month introductory variable rate of 2.70% p.a.*
*New customers get a 4 month introductory variable rate on our High Interest Savings Account for deposits up to $250,000

We're straight talking

We won’t wrap things up in financial or legal jargon and if we change anything, including our rates we’ll always tell you.

We're competitive

We’re only online, so we have fewer overheads, which means we can offer competitive rates and won’t charge you account keeping fees.


We're human

Our Customer Service Centre is operated by real people, based in Sydney, Australia.

Like to look around before you ask for help? We also have an online Help Centre to answer your questions.

canstar outstanding value savings account Mozo SMSF Experts Choice award

We're awarded

Saving is our thing and we like to think we do it really well. It’s even better to know that industry bodies like Mozo think so too. See all our awards.

The most commonly asked questions

Are there any account keeping fees?


No, RaboDirect does not charge any account fees on any savings accounts or Term Deposits. 

Can I certify my own documents?


We require document certification to be done by an authorised third-party.

Even if you are an authorised certifier yourself, we will still require a third party to certify your documents for you. A list of authorised certifiers is provided above and on page 1 of your printed application form.

How secure is my RaboDirect account?


RaboDirect is committed to keeping your money and identity secure. This is why all our customers get a free Digipass. The Digipass provides leading online banking security and is much safer than a simple username and password. It randomly generates single-use security access codes for logging in and authorising transactions.

We take pride in our excellent security record and we are very careful to maintain it. Now you can bank online with complete peace of mind.

Secure connection
If you login to the secure site, a secure connection is made between your computer and our computer. Always at first check if the url in the browser address bar exactly matches Nothing else other than may appear between the opening and closing “/”

A secure connection provides that any data transaction is encrypted with a key only known by the computers involved - like messages that are being sent by sealed envelopes.