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High Interest Savings Account

A flexible place for your savings with easy access when you need it

  • Kick-start your savings with a bonus 0.95%p.a. for the first four months (up to $250,000) on top of our standard variable rate
  • No need to change your every day banking

Earn up to

3.25% p.a.*

variable rate on your first $250,000.

Smart Investor Online Bank of the Year 2015 Mozo Experts Choice 2016 - Base rate savings account

*Current 4 month introductory variable rate for new personal customers on deposits up to $250,000. Rate subject to change.

No account keeping fees No account keeping fees 
No minimum balance No minimum balance  
Interest paid monthly Interest paid monthly 
Access your money online or with our mobile app Online and mobile banking  
Your savings are protected by the Australian Government Guarantee Your first $250,000 is protected by the Australian Government guarantee  

What our customers are saying...

Overall rating 9 / 10 'Exceptionally accessible and efficient.'
'The ease of operation is exceptional.'
Ian (NSW), reviewed 11 months ago

Overall rating 9 / 10 'Online banking you can trust, with best interest' 
'Rabobank provide an excellent online banking service, and the highest interest rates. Been very happy with Rabo for the last 4 years and now they are just part of my life. :-).'
Mike (VIC), reviewed over 1 year ago

Information last updated on 11/05/2016.
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Kick start your savings plan with a four month introductory variable rate of 3.25% p.a. for the first four months*.

High Interest Savings Account Interest Rates

HISA intro variable rates

Interest rate (% p.a.)

4 month additional variable rate

Standard variable rate

Total intro rate

Information last updated on 19/5/2016

Intro Rate FAQs

Intro rate - How does the introductory variable rate work?

The introductory variable rate is available for accounts opened on or after 15th June for a period of 4 months on balances up to $250,000. 

The portion of account balance greater than $250,000 earns the standard variable rate for that tier.

After the introductory 4 month period, all balances revert to the current standard variable rates on those tiers.

 Please refer to the ‘My Rates’ page for details. 

Intro rate - Who is eligible to receive the introductory variable rate?

All new customers who opened their RaboDirect HISA account on or after the 15th of June 2015 will receive the introductory variable rate for 4 months.

Intro rate - When do I start earning the introductory variable rate?

The introductory variable rate is applied from the date the account is open.

What’s my rate?

what's my rate?

High Interest Savings Accounts have three tiers of interest based on your balance. See the exact rate your savings are earning any time in to online banking.

See all interest rates for Personal Savers

*Current 4 month introductory variable rate for new personal customers on deposits up to $250,000. Rate subject to change.

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