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How to prevent personal fraud this Christmas

Learn how to protect yourself, your finances and your security with these insights into the latest security and fraud trends.
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Financial Health Barometer: Sporty Australian's are the best savers

When trying to improve our financial behaviours, we often consider strategies or approaches that relate purely to money. In reality, how we spend or save money can be greatly affected by our emotional wellbeing. So how do sport and savings habits relate?

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Who are the savings superstars Boomers or Gen Y?

It seems that Boomer and Gen Yers are the two generations that are constantly compared to one another. But which generation are savings superstars, and what can you do to turn your savings around to defy your generational average?
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Financial health barometer ROI on your healthy habits

You can’t get two clicks into the internet without landing on a diet and exercise website. Who hasn’t heard of fad diets, such as paleo, gluten free or raw food? But these lifestyle trends aren’t without merit. The 2015 RaboDirect Financial Health Barometer survey shows people who spend more on healthy lifestyle choices tend to be happier and also more financially in control.

Staying healthy isn’t cheap, with gym membership costs and premium prices on organic food, but is it worth spending a little more on these lifestyle choices in the long run?

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How Aussies hold pets close to our hearts and wallets

Major industries and marketers have been trying to win our hearts, minds and finances for years.

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How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

Come each new year, we all make promises for brighter futures. But how many of us actually stick to them? Whether it’s a fitness plan that slumps into binge eating, or strict budget plans that collapse in a bank-breaking spending spree, a lot of us have already given up and it’s only February. So how can you steal back your dreams and find the motivation to keep going?
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How to improve your finances and your health

Spring has well and truly arrived, (though you wouldn’t think it, given the deluge Sydney received Monday). The days are getting longer and warmer, which makes the idea of outdoor exercise a lot more attractive. So what about if we told you that decent cash reserves could be saved, while improving your well-being and the planet’s? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s surprisingly accessible, by riding to work. Writer Peter Wood, provides some compelling reasons to make changes to your daily commute.
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Is the EU crisis still impacting Australians?

The news in the last two days has been full of headlines about the tax grab on Cypriot savings; five years on from the GFC and most of Europe is still very much in the doldrums. That doesn’t appear to have damaged the Australian economy overall, but it is affecting individual Australians in a range of ways.
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How impulse purchases derail Aussie savings

The temptation to make impulse purchases and dig into your savings is stronger than ever for Australian consumers. It now even affects those who never visit retail outlets in person.
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