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RaboDirect makes life super easy with Online SMSF

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Category SMSF

RaboDirect has today put the ‘self’ back into ‘Self Managed Super’ with an Online SMSF that empowers investors to take total control of their super.

The RaboDirect Online SMSF is flexible, transparent and simple to set up and manage. This means no hidden charges; full control over the choice of investments; and the benefit of flexibility, with investors able to choose the desired level of administration and reporting for the fund.

Investors are not locked into bundled fee packages, and get to choose what services they pay for, like ongoing administration and advice, and from whom they purchase them from. There are no tied remuneration structures, so the investor is not bound to specific investments, administration platforms or broking services for listed securities.

The RaboDirect Online SMSF has the support of RaboDirect’s competitive cash, term deposits and access to wholesale managed funds, offering the balance between a high interest return on the cash core with the flexibility offered by a simple-to-view and easy-to-manage fund allocation, making reallocations and transactions whenever needed.

RaboDirect has teamed up with Australia’s leading independent SMSF administration expert Cavendish, to provide a full suite of supporting SMSF services to ensure that the obligations of the trustees can be professionally managed. Investors can appoint Cavendish to manage the underlying compliance, administration and reporting of their fund, alleviating the paperwork and legal burden for investors.

Tim Hewson, Investments Manager, RaboDirect Australia and New Zealand, comments: “For Australia’s savvy, self-directed superannuation investors, this new offering will bring much-desired flexibility and the ability to control their retirement nest egg.

“Investors can tailor their SMSF set up and administration to suit their needs. Putting the investor at the centre of their financial outcome is what empowerment means. It’s that simple.”

“Any set-up and ongoing costs are based on a simple, transparent user pays fee-based system. So customers won’t get stung unexpectedly further down the line. That’s not the RaboDirect way.”

“For years, investors have complained of hidden SMSF costs, lack of choice and unnecessary complications. Now a solution is available which puts the investor where they belong ”“ back in control of their investment.”