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Planning an Easter Break? You’ll pay for it

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Getting away for an Easter Break

Imagine having the luxury of flexible holidaying rather than being fixed in a routine where you holiday at the same time as everyone else? For millions of Australians it sounds too good to be true as they gear up for an Easter break that always hits their savings accounts hard.

The Easter holiday is understandably far busier than any other time of year. For schools and universities the Christmas break may be longer, but for working Australians the Easter break means a public holiday on both Good Friday and Easter Monday.

This four-day getaway means tourism operators, grocers and petrol giants all have their own way of getting to your hip pocket, credit cards and savings.

But even with these odds stacked against you, there are still ways to get a holiday fix while also saving money.

Be flexible with dates

Unfortunately, the luxury of a four-day break might be too good to pass up. But being too focused on Easter could mean you miss a better time to get away.

Even the same trip on the weekends either side of Easter could save you thousands. A quick online search of beach houses at popular Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast reveals one luxury home at $550 a night. The same home during the Easter break will cost you $850 a night. Another charging $430 will cost you $680 at Easter a 60 per cent hike.

You could take the $1200 you save from not holidaying at Easter and put it in a high interest savings account.

Save more, even on petrol

Australia Day celebrations were cooled in Victoria this year when holidaymakers were slugged with last-minute petrol price spikes. The cost of filling up at the pump jumped 20c at many Melbourne service stations.

In QLD last Easter, it cost about $15 more to fill up than two years earlier. However, holidaying either side of Easter traditionally offers big savings when it comes to your petrol budget.

Timing means bonuses

Holiday cash sitting in a high interest savings account could go even further if you waited to take advantage of massive discounts through daily deals. Notice the fine print on group buying and coupon offers for holiday destinations? Christmas, Easter and public holidays are never up for grabs. Make discounts, savings and high interest work in unison.

Destination vs. season

Save some money on any Easter flights or accommodation and let interest accrue for spending elsewhere. Say you took that holiday house on the south coast of NSW for a whopping $3400. The interest you could make on that cash by next year at just 4.26 per cent comes to almost $150 that’s a couple of return discount flights between Sydney and Melbourne paid for in interest.

Smart growth for your cash reserves means balancing fixed savings and flexible terms. Be ready to withdraw cash to jump on great holiday opportunities. However, ensure a high interest option is working harder at the same time.

Will you be going away at Easter and what are your tips for getting a good holiday deal?