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Online Vs. Social Media - maximize your ROI

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Online Vs. Social Media – where to spend the time to maximize ROI

Despite what Louis Armstrong sang, we don’t have all the time in the world. Time is a precious thing that digital content and social media marketing has a voracious appetite for. They never sleep and are never satisfied. And this can kill your ROI.

So how do you avoid being dominated by the interweb and what gives the best return for your efforts?

All too often I hear the question “Does Facebook or Twitter work for business?” Bad news, it isn’t a one size fits all solution. Your content marketing and social media blend will depend on your audience and your objectives.

Good news, here’s 6 tips to help you become the Master of your content and social media Universe – helping you decide the right mix and improve your ROI.

  • Identify where your target audience go when they are online and be there. This will help narrow the territory you need to cover. It’s also better to cover one channel well than several too thinly.
  • Define your objectives and build a strategy. Don’t invest time and effort in anything that doesn’t contribute to these objectives.
  • Listen to your customers pain points, what do they want to know about and how can you help? Unlock this and you are on your way to ROI nirvana. Monitoring tools like Radian6, Hootsuite, Social Bro and Sprout Social provide powerful insights about your audience, key influencers, and the competition. Old school surveys, face to face chats and webinars are another great source.
  • Develop a routine! Easier said than done but setting 30 minutes aside every morning to find news articles to share and refine the days content will help your ROI in spades.
  • Tool up. Improve your productivity and stop wasting time by using tools:
    • Buffer App allows you to schedule tweets and Facebook posts in advance so you can get on with the normal business day.
    • Social apps like Facebook’s Pages provide real time alerts on comments. A speedy but well crafted response can help generate a great online reputation plus keep the conversation alive – maximizing traction of a response.
    • Tweriod can help determine the best time to engage your specific audience on twitter so your posts count!
    • Google alerts and Topsy can help you find great  3rd part content to curate.
  • Track like Tonto! This might seem like a no brainer but a few hours each month invested into tracking your content will soon show what floats your audiences boat AND dominate SEO. Handy tools include:
    • Google analytics.
    • Facebook insights.
    • Monitor to identify trending topics phrases and hashtags.
    • Tweetreach to access the reach and impressions of your tweets.

The reality is that there is always going to be some trial and error. For example, I love the SEO value, relationship building opportunity and in-depth content that you can offer customers through a blog, BUT it’s not always the right choice.